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LMS Industry News Roundup: The Top 10 Stories for the Week of April 24

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Learning Management Systems are creating a flurry of news. Take a look at this roundup of 10 of the top articles in the LMS/LXP/EdTech industry during the past week:

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Learning Management Systems (LMS) will Streamline Employee Learning

Need to improve employee learning? Discover how artificial intelligence benefits learning management systems and streamlines the employee learning experience, according to an article in HR Technologist.  If we were to believe Hollywood, artificial intelligence is poised to take over the world and wipe out the need for humans entirely.  But the reality of AI doesn’t quite match up.. Although we’re still exploring the potential of AI, the type of AI currently in use is commonly referred to as Narrow AI. Narrow AI focuses on performing a specific job or task and doesn’t have unlimited learning capabilities like in the movies. Today, we use artificial intelligence in the form of Alexa, Siri, Google Home, online shopping, search recommendations, and more. The article goes on to describe the use of AI in learning management systems, the future of this phenomenon, course effectiveness, and learning development.  Read more:

The Post-LMS World: Social, Simple, Modern, Mobile and Student-centric

The LMS was originally the CMS—Course Management System, according to an article in EdSurge. Today, the LMS is a technological staple for all courses across higher ed, whether online or traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. The LMS succeeds as a core productivity tool for educators because it allows institutions to extend their academic capacity and transcend the constraints of time and space. The author argues that learning is the product of inputs from students and instructors. Learning happens as a result of interaction with course content—reflection, writing, dialogue, creation and collaboration. Today’s generation of students is deeply social and collaborative. They rely on real-time online interaction, collaboration and sharing to feel supported, confident and successful. Having grown up on iPhone, Snapchat and Instagram, this generation expects seamless experiences that are deeply social and collaborative. Read more:

How Victoria University's LMS enabled its new course delivery model

Victoria University has overhauled its digital learning environments in a bid to support its new ‘Block Model’ of course delivery, according to IT News. This method shies away from the traditional semester structure used at most other universities. Instead of having students complete three or four courses in tandem over a 12-week semester (or shorter trimester, as some unis are now adopting), VU is experimenting with running one course at a time in a condensed four-week program. These courses are then run back-to-back to more closely mimic a traditional semester structure, with the same number of overall contact hours in a week. Having more focused courses, and removing the chance that assignments will be due for multiple classes at the same time, has resulted in higher pass rates for students, especially for those from non-English speaking backgrounds (up 14 percent) and indigenous backgrounds (up 19 percent). The successful shake-up of course delivery in the pilot program, which kicked off 18 months ago, was underpinned by a careful approach to student support through the university’s digital learning environments and its learning management system (LMS).  Read more:

5 Features to look for before picking a Gamification LMS

This article from TechZone360 details the major gamification features will be most impactful for your new LMS. Progress graphs: Graphs can be boring at most times but not when their sole purpose is to interactively tell you about your progress throughout the training course. These bars can be made interactive for giving the user more control over his learning progress. Progress rewards: Rewards are the ultimate means of bringing out the motivation in any person. And turns out, it doesn’t even matter if the rewards are absolutely virtual, they still give a person a feeling of triumph, thus building up the motivation. Levels: Another very effective motivation tactic of gamification is adding levels to the training course. The basic working of levels is that you can only move to the next level, once you have met all the requirements of this level. These requirements can be a quiz or a test or something else. Badges: Badges are the most attractive and most motivating feature in any game. And they can be even more effective in gamification LMS training modules. To unlock a new shiny badge for every new achievement which can be personalized for accommodating your branding strategies and logos. Read more:

Tremendous Growth of+29% CAGR for Academic and Corporate LMS Market to 2026 with Major Vendors

Wire News Now says academic and corporate Learning Management Systems are generally adopted by companies and educational organizations, especially for higher education. A recently released report titled Global Academic and Corporate LMS Market is a detailed analogy that gives readers an insight into intricacies of several elements like growth rate, technological developments, and impact of socio-economic conditions that affect the market space. A Learning Management System is a software application which is used to plan, transfer and achieve the learning process. It uses web-based technology to manage, administer, track, report and evaluate the performance of the participants.. An in-depth study of these numerous components is essential as all these aspects need to blend-in seamlessly for the market to achieve success in this industry. Read more:

Comprehensive Report on Open-Source Learning Management Systems Software Market Forecast 2019-2026

QYReports has recently published report on the global Open-Source Learning Management Systems Software Market to its massive repository. It includes an in-depth overview of the global Open-Source Learning Management Systems Software sector. Researchers employ this study by using primary and secondary research methodologies. It can help to discover the relevant information or facts on the target market. Furthermore, this research report offers several ways to acquire new clients as well as ideas to explore potential customers. Additionally, it explains wide-ranging business scope to understand the demanding structure of clients. It has evolved numerous applications for scaling the businesses.. Read more:

Learning Management System Market Continues to Thrive

This Learning Management System Market marketing research report is a skilled and in-depth study on the present state of market. According to AppWebRadar, the market report additionally calculates the market size and considers the revenue generated from sales of technologies by varied application segments. The in-depth study examines product image and specifications, revenue, cost, price, gross, capability and production, company profiles. It provides data, disbursed within the analysis of the Learning Management System Market trade and includes a key manufacturer’s section. The report provides key statistics on the market standing of worldwide and regional Learning Management System Market providers. Read more:

The U.S. Army Chooses a Learning Management System for Education Program

The U.S. Army has chosen a Learning Management System to provide learning management systems for the military branch, according to ExecutiveBiz. The LMS will help educate approximately 350K service members as part of its Lifelong Learning Program. Under a five-year partnership expansion, the service branch will implement an LMS and mobile learning platforms to conduct training on premises or through cloud computing environments, the company said Tuesday. The LMS is designed to encourage real-time collaboration in a virtual classroom and Learn is built to help users create and manage training curriculum. The company noted it will support more than 45 programs for the SGT Major's Academy at Fort Bliss and Army Management Staff College at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. Read more:

Key Foresights on How On-demand Learning Management System Market will Evolve During 2019-2026

This On-demand Learning Management System Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts report provides analyzed information about Learning Management System Market. The industry analysts begin their task by compiling this huge pile of information, graphically expressing, anticipating the future market growth. They offer ways to improve the business, and many other important viewpoints.The gathered data involves the information about the industry’s establishment. It includes types and forms of products it manufactures, annual sales and revenue generation. The report gauges the demand of the manufactured product in the market, marketing trends followed by the industry, and other important information. Read more:

What is an Open Source LMS and Should You Opt for One?

On the surface, open source Learn Management Systems (LMS) can appear to be an attractive value proposition, especially for small to mid-sized businesses, according to HR Technologist. You can get started with zero upfront costs, scale as necessary, customize as required, and easily transfer content without any vendor lock-in. However, open source LMS comes with a few critical disadvantages which are often swept under the rug – hosting is still done on-premise/cloud which means you are spending heavily on storage. Also, open source LMS assumes a level of technical know-how which may be missing in your organization. So, is it better to invest in a proprietary LMS which promises long term support and quick implementation? Or, is a cost-optimized, customizable open source LMS the best-fit for you? The article  discusses these questions in greater detail so you could take the right call. Read more:

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